A local man, Paul Carr, takes a big plunge in purchasing assets of small label company in Amherst, Nova Scotia in hopes of creating jobs and boosting economic growth within the community. With only 2 full-time staff members in tow, he marches forward to establish Access Labels.

As technology evolves, so do we change with the times. We continuously invest — and still do — in both our equipment and our staff in order to bring our customers the best products at competitive prices.


Gone are the days of hand-bombing rolls from the backs of trucks to warehouse racks, and then from the racks to the presses. Gone are the days of 2 full-time staff. We now employ 30+ staff who work diligently printing full-colour pressure-sensitive labels, tags, header cards, coupons, magnets and signage. In addition to this, we also offer printers, software, ribbon, applicators and more!